Seacrest offers several wonderful amenities for guests staying in the community. Centered within the community is the Seacrest Lagoon. This 378,000-gallon pool is one of the largest private pools in the state of Florida, and is open year-round from 9am – 9:45pm for Seacrest residents and guests. At present, the amazing lagoon pool is heated only by the sun. The amphitheater is a grassy area where concerts, movies, and weddings are held. It is also great for a pick-up game of Bocce or Frisbee throwing.

One of the newest additions to the Seacrest community is the Seacrest Beach Café operated by Crust Artisan Bakery. The Café is located on the east side of the lagoon and features a delectable menu that is not your typical pool-side snack shack. They have seafood baskets, the classics such as chicken fingers and burgers, po-boys and sandwiches as well as a satisfying kids menu.

From March through October, the Seacrest Tram service offers transportation to and from the designated tram stops in the neighborhood to the beach or the Lagoon. Simply walk out your front door go to the nearest tram stop and then call for pickup. The tram will arrive within fifteen minutes. The tram starts running every day at 9:00 AM and the last pickup from the beach is 5:30 PM seven days a week.

Seacrest Beach enjoys a deeded beach access at the entrance of the neighborhood, across Hwy 30-A, through the Sunset community. Seacrest residents and guests may walk through the pedestrian boardwalk, or ride the tram through the easement.